The First One

29 Dec 2015

About three months ago, I was walking with my kids to the playground behind the Rose Bowl Aquatics center when I overheard a man sitting at the tables outside the aquatic center’s cafe. He was telling a woman something like, “and God wants to do that for you.” He said it with energy and passion and earnestness. This event would not have affected me much if I hadn’t begun my own relationship with God in March of 2015. I wanted to go up to this pair deep in conversation and say, “I’m so sorry for interrupting, but I know this God you speak of too! He is doing amazing things in my life.”

When you know God (in the infinitesimally limited way that I can know Him) you want to connect with other people who know Him too. But I didn’t do anything to connect with this pair who were talking about God that day. Why not? Why the heck didn’t I? It seemed like too bold a thing to do, to interrupt their conversation. It didn’t seem practical. My kids wanted to get to the playground. There are many reasons. No reason is good enough that I don’t still regret that I didn’t. I want so badly to connect with people who are on fire for The Lord, the God of The Bible, in a similar way to myself, or in ways that surpass mine.

Ever since I learned how to use the Internet in high school, I’ve been good at finding information I need online. I am in the infancy of my relationship with God, but I have found wonderful information that has helped me so far, and will share these sources occasionally, or maybe even regularly. Maybe they can help you or someone you know.